Guy Rackham

Lead Architect at BIAN

Guy Rackham has worked in finance and technology for over 30 years, specializing in business and technical architecture development and approaches for more than half of that time. Guy has worked in senior technology positions at international banks including Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered and at several major software and consulting firms including Logica, Coopers & Lybrand, IBM and PriceWaterhouse. For the last seven years Guy has worked as an independent specialist spending the majority of his time as the lead architect at BIAN.

Prior to BIAN Guy led the development of the Component Business Modeling (CBM) approach that was used widely within IBM consulting. This ground-breaking work was recognized with Guy being the first strategy consultant promoted to IBM Distinguished Engineer. Through BIAN and other client assignments he continues exploring how advanced technologies and working practices can be best leveraged in commerce.