In large organizations, integration costs make or break the business case in building and implementing new applications. The cost level is determined by the degree of standardization of interfaces, from a technical and a definition point of view. While it is becoming more and more clear that SOA is the best technology for internal (today) and external (soon) interfaces, standards will have to be agreed upon at industry level. That is why BIAN, and the facilitation it provides for banks and software vendors is so important to us.

Steve Van Wyk | Executive Vice President and Head of Technology & Operations
The PNC Financial Services Group

Open standards create interoperability and accelerate the adoption of new technologies that help industries work more intelligently. BIAN’s collaboration with industry groups such as Object Management Group (OMG) and SWIFT demonstrates its commitment to making its banking models more valuable to its members. Through the BIAN community, IBM will continue working to address the requirements of financial institutions through solutions based on open standards.

Chae An | Vice President & CTO Financial Services Solutions
IBM Software Group

The bank adopted a service-oriented architecture over 15 years ago with the objectives of improved agility, reduced cost and improved consistency. In the past five years, we have implemented newer technologies based on web services to expand and update the infrastructure supporting our SOA. We view standardisation across the industry — amongst both financial institutions and vendors — as the key to realising the promise of SOA and simplifying the integration effort of major projects. We are impressed with BIAN’s existing membership and are delighted to be part of this visionary organisation. We hope this forum will provide real business value in the years ahead.

Ian Guy Gillard | Executive Vice President, Office of the President at Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

At Asseco, we believe that optimal architecture and proven functional design determine the quality and value of our products. BIAN opens the platform to provide the complete foundation for functional service oriented architecture and establish an industry-wide standard. Ultimately this will be beneficial to both banks and their IT solution providers.

Slawomir Ziajka | Director of Product Planning and Development at the Commercial Banks Division

We want BIAN to have success in the short-term. The principle of the community is based on the contribution of several members. Hence, we drive those topics actively that we are experts in. For a consulting company such as ifb group the opportunity to contribute to the synthesis of banks’ different approaches is very valuable and enables us to deliver what our customers need.

Dr. Rainer Merkt | Partner
ifb group

Joining BIAN, is a significant leverage for BML Istisharat meeting its commitment to international standards and continuous improvement offering agile, efficient and evolving solutions in accordance with best practices; BML Istisharat is looking to benefit and actively contribute, promote industry standardization and software componentization.

Raji Challita | Software Manager
BML Istisharat

With a strong heritage in financial services, we are committed to helping the industry shape the emerging BIAN standards which will support banks in reducing their IT costs and delivering greater flexibility to the business. Becoming a member of BIAN provides us with the unique opportunity to work alongside our peers, customers and other industry players to jointly define, build and implement next-generation banking platforms based on a common architectural framework.

Mohit Joshi | President, World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader

With a rapidly changing digital landscape that includes aggressive and agile FinTech companies sweeping the market, it is imperative that traditional banking and finance organisations are able to optimise their legacy systems while providing seamless end-user experience across multiple digital platforms. There is a real competitive advantage there for a modern merging of old and new systems, if enabled properly via integration. We pride ourselves on bringing integration expertise through strategy, architectural, development, testing and deployment that ultimately delivers that competitive and commercial advantage to banking organisations globally.

Ian Vanstone | Chief Technology Officer