BIAN Service Landscape

BIAN provides the assets and deliverables of BIAN Working Groups free of charge. The following list shows various versions of the BIAN Service Landscape.

Name of Asset Date
BIAN Service Landscape 12.0

Increase in the Creation of Bank-verified Content

Release 12.0 is based on participation of the Working Groups in defining content, which made it possible to add meaningful descriptions to the documented Business Capabilities, Business Scenarios, Business Objects and Service Domains.

Release Notes

November 15, 2023
BIAN Service Landscape 11.0

All 322 service domains completed; + Event Driven Design; + 5000 Service definitions; + 250 Semantic API’s

New release of: Business Capability Model, Information Architecture / Business Object Model, New Pilots of the Coreless Bank + Message Modeler, Product Certification, Fully Integrated Dev/Ops pipeline, Integration with ServiceNow, Generate Wire, Frames

December 13, 2022
BIAN Service Landscape 10.0

The updated Service Landscape has 57 additional APIs, bringing the total to 243. The new APIs cover the outstanding banking specific functions that have not been included in BIAN’s library to date. These include the likes of account reconciliation, corporate payroll services, and hedge fund administration.

December 9, 2021
BIAN Service Landscape 9.1

BIAN released Service Landscape 9.1 to the public that includes BIAN’s new portal and 40+ extra Service Domains and Business Object Model diagrams. The Semantic API portal, The Service Landscape 9.1 digital repository, The GitHub Semantic API Swagger definitions to contribute, The Practitioner Guide (for a getting started)

March 31, 2021
BIAN Service Landscape 9.0

The new update sees the addition of 43 new APIs, combining the targeted extension to the coverage of retail banking, corporate banking and fraud. Everyone in the Financial Services Industry can now benefit from a total of 186 APIs in its Open API Exchange. In addition to this, SL 9.0 includes 13 new service domains. These domains have been identified by BIAN’s members to support the adoption of specific projects and initiatives across their organisations. These include credit card transaction execution, customer products and services, and employee payment services.

October 28, 2020
BIAN Service Landscape 8.0

This version includes all 312 Service Domains completed, 1300+ Business scenarios, 2300+ Service Operations, 600+ objects in the BIAN Business Object Model, 500+ business capabilities in the BIAN Business Capability Model, 4900+ terms defined and categorized in the BIAN Business Glossary and 143 Semantic API’s available in BIAN’s API portal

September 23, 2019
BIAN Service Landscape 7.0

This version includes all 306+ service domains completed, + 1000 Business scenarios + 2000 Service definitions, + 50 Semantic API’s available in BIAN’s API portal

November 13, 2018
 BIAN Service Landscape 6.0

– This version includes all 304+ service domains completed,
1000 business scenarios + 2000 Service definitions, Substantial number of Semantic APIs Definitions

February 15, 2018
BIAN Service Landscape 5.0

This version includes all 296+ service domains completed, 600 business scenarios + 2000 Service definitions

September 28, 2016
BIAN Service Landscape 4.5

– This version includes 20 new candidate Service Domains defined and 600 new candidate Business Scenarios.

July 11, 2016
BIAN Service Landscape 4.0

– This version contains: 7 Business Areas, 36 Business Domains, 280 Service Domains, 1960 candidate Service Operation, 178 Business Scenarios and The BIAN How-To Guides have been aligned.

May 12, 2015