Re-defining Open Banking to go above and beyond

Our research found that 37% of financial services professionals believe that customer demands will drive the most significant change over the next few years. This has made me start to think about this change and how financial institutions can best create an expanded ecosystem to help provide the best possible experience for the consumer.

Your BIAN Journey

A Guide to Adoption

The BIAN Starter Guide, to support members both new and old in adopting BIAN’s model. The guide provides a high-level step-by-step overview.

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BIAN API Portal | Sandbox

183 Service Domain MS APIs; 35 APIs with ISO Mapping; 3561 Service Operations; Version 2.0 & 3.0 Free to Members & Non-Members; Swagger and Microservice Source Code included; Open Source Contribution Model

API Exchange
BIAN Service Landscape

BIAN Service Landscape 9.0

The BIAN model is based on a service-oriented architecture that defines the standard business capabilities that make up a bank- such as payments, loan offerings or trading facilities.

BIAN Standards Digital Repository

March 9

BIAN & ACTUS combine their global standards and leverage open-source platforms

BIAN Training

BIAN Certification

Being certified in The BIAN Foundation level acknowledges that a certified professional has mastered the BIAN Standard and is aware that financial institutions can be modelled in a standard way, which enables maximum interoperability and re-use and minimum IT integration cost. A BIAN Foundation certified person is able to recognize and apply this to other financial services providers.

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BIAN Practitioner Community

Visit the public BIAN Practitioners Community and ask your Question. The site also provides information on BIAN trainings and education programs, the BIAN Certification and our accredited Training partners.


BIAN Applied to Microservices: Mapping to Domain-Driven Design

Many financial institutions are adopting microservices in developing new applications as well as modernizing existing applications.

BIAN Member

UnionBank becomes the first bank from the Philippines to join BIAN

“At UnionBank, as we continue to redefine and re-imagine the playing field, with customer experience as our beacon, it is important that we conform to global standards and best practices that allows simple and faster integration with other partner institutions. This is why a BIAN-based Enterprise Architecture is highly essential as we journey more and more towards Open and Embedded Banking interconnecting partners and FinTechs, not just in the Philippines, but also throughout the region". said Dennis Omila, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of UnionBank.

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BIAN in 90 seconds


Questions about BIAN and its membership? Visit the BIAN FAQ page



The main advantage of participating in BIAN is the ability to gain increased knowledge from work in progress on service standards.

Each member has their own reasons for joining us. And in this post, I thought it would be interesting to explore some first-hand reasons as to why – here is some feedback from our newest members

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