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BIAN adds new APIs to its Open Exchange

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BIAN Academy

BIAN offers a series of shorter more targeted training modules, which delve into key topics in more detail.

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BIAN Open Day

October 8

Milan, Italy

Service Landscape

Service Landscape simplified

The BIAN model is based on a service-oriented architecture that defines the standard business capabilities that make up a bank- such as payments, loan offerings or trading facilities.

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BIAN Board of Directors

BIAN appoint Citi’s Michael Lewis to Executive Board

Organisation further bolsters leadership team to support global push to modernise banking services

BIAN Webinar

BIAN APIs – The Future of Banking Open API Standards

We’ve taken the BIAN banking standard and produced more than 1800 unique business components and 900 business capabilities into 67 downloadable swaggers to jump start your Business Driven API Strategy. Learn how to benefit!

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The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is a collaborative not-for-profit ecosystem formed of leading banks, technology providers, consultants and academics from all over the globe.

Together this network of professionals is dedicated to lowering the cost of banking and boosting speed to innovation in the industry. Members combine their industry expertise to define a revolutionary banking technology framework that standardises and simplifies core banking architecture, which has typically been convoluted and outdated. Based on service oriented architecture principles, the comprehensive model provides a future-proofed solution for banks that fosters industry collaboration.

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BIAN in 90 Seconds

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The main advantage of participating in BIAN is the ability to gain increased knowledge from work in progress on service standards

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White papers

A list of white papers from BIAN members and/or non-members.

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