BIAN is intended to be highly member driven through BIAN Working Groups and includes various management roles that are considered to ensure the integrity of the Association and make the organization function effectively and efficiently.

BIAN’s principal organizational entities include:

  • General Assembly — maintain BIAN structure and elect Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors —provide strategic direction and management of BIAN and resource the Secretariat
  • BIAN Executive Director — reports to the Board of Directors on content delivery, marketing, PR and acquisition
  • Committees, Advisors and General Secretariat — ensure the integrity and quality of work products and provides operational and program management
  • BIAN Working Groups — member-led teams that create BIAN’s standards

BIAN Members are represented in all organizational units excluding the Secretariat. BIAN is independent and is financed by its members. BIAN has one type of membership giving all members an equal vote and power.