Published on February 15, 2018

Service Landscape 6.0 (SL6.0), the model contains definitions for 26 new types of semantic  API, like “Execute Customer Onboarding” and “ Customer Offer for Consumer Loan”, providing banks and software developers in the broader financial services community with consistent guidelines for creating and implementing APIs into the banking ecosystem. The API definitions are compliant with the SWIFT ISO20022 open banking standardization approach, recognized and compatible with banks universally.

SL 6.0 BIAN also includes a more in-depth IT model and architecture for credit cards,

BIAN’s SL 6.0 added significant refinement of the model for the cards products, taking into account the different roles of issuer, acquirers and the network providers. This has resulted in a number of additional Service Domains in a Business Area in which the models are over a decade old and in need of disruption.

BIAN Service Landscape 6.0   (pdf – Overview)